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Dispute Resolution Mediator and Arbitrator

Types of Employment Legal Services

> Human Resources Auditing
> Employment Policies and Handbooks
> Hiring and Firing
> Anti-Discrimination Compliance
> Sexual Harassment
> Disability Law Compliance
> Age Discrimination
> EEOC Cases
> Medical Leave and FMLA
> Civil Rights Litigation (State/Federal)
> Employment Law Litigation (State/Federal)
> Employment Agreements
> Severance Agreements
> Non-Compete, Non-Solicitation and Non-Disclosure
> Independent Contractor Agreements
> Employment Applications
> Drug and Alcohol Policies
> Wage and Hour Compliance (FLSA)
> Wage Payment Compliance
> Wrongful Discharge Claims
> Workers' Compensation Discrimination
> Unemployment Compensation Claims
> Investigation of Employment Complaints and Claims
> Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining
> NLRB (Labor) Litigation
> Labor and Employment Arbitration
> Reductions in Force
> Management Training

> Employee Training

Mediation and Arbitration 

Since 1991, a significant portion of my practice is devoted to serving as a Neutral Mediator and Arbitrator.

In addition to my own dispute resolution training, I have developed a number of mediation training programs including the Civil Mediation Training for the Kansas Bar Association. I have provided over 1,000 hours of dispute resolution training to attorneys, judges and other professionals seeking accreditation in eight different states.

I served twice as President of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section for the Kansas Bar Association and Chairman of the Dispute Resolution Committee for the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association. I also served on the Mediation Practices Committee for the Kansas Supreme Court, Office of Judicial Administration.

Neutral panels include: Mediator and Mediator Trainer, Kansas Supreme Court; Mediator, Missouri Bar Association; Mediator United States District Court of Kansas and the United States District Court of Missouri, Western District; Arbitrator and Mediator, American Arbitration Association; Arbitrator, National Arbitration Forum; Arbitrator and Mediator, FINRA; Due Process Hearing Officer Panel; Neutral, KCMBA Attorney Fee Dispute Committee, Special Master training through the Academy of Court-Appointed Masters, Member of National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals, Kansas Civil Service Board, Kansas Department of Labor Fact Finder and Hearing Officer

Cases as a mediator and/or arbitrator include: civil rights, discrimination, harassment, commercial law, land use, construction, business dissolution, securities, personal injury, estates, contracts, employment, intellectual property, debtor/creditor, professional malpractice and clergy abuse cases.

My focus in more than 500 mediations is to bring the mediation process to the parties. Well represented clients seldom need another "expert" in the substantive law. This is why so many of my mediations are not employment law related.The clients and attorneys need an experienced dispute facilitator.

While legal substance is important, settlement is more often a result of bringing facilitated negotiation skills to the parties and less about an in depth analysis of the substantive law. Parties are reminded that the judge and jury are not likely experts in the law surrounding their case and mediation is the opportunity to retain lasting control over the outcome of the dispute.

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