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Legal Services

Dispute Resolution Mediator and Arbitrator

​Since 1994, a significant portion of my practice is devoted to serving as a Neutral Mediator and Arbitrator.

In addition to my own dispute resolution training, I have developed a
number of mediation training programs including the Civil Mediation Training for the Kansas Bar Association.

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Types of Employment Legal Services

> Human Resources Auditing
> Employment Policies and Handbooks
> Hiring and Firing
> Anti-Discrimination Compliance
> Sexual Harassment
> Disability Law Compliance
> Age Discrimination
> EEOC Cases
> Medical Leave and FMLA
> Civil Rights Litigation(State/Federal)
> Employment Law Litigation (State/Federal)
> Employment Agreements
> Severance Agreements
> Non-Compete, Non-Solicitation &                        Non-Disclosure
> Independent Contractor Agreements
> Employment Applications
> Drug and Alcohol Policies
> Wage and Hour Compliance (FLSA)
> Wage Payment Compliance
> Wrongful Discharge Claims
> Workers' Compensation Discrimination
> Unemployment Compensation Claims
> Investigation of Employment Complaints &        Claims
> Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining
> NLRB (Labor) Litigation
> Labor and Employment Arbitration
> Reductions in Force
> Management Training
> Employee Training

Employment Law Compliance


For more than 38 years, I have drafted hundreds of employee policy manuals and created numerous policies in compliance with the changing employment statutes and court decisions.

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Labor and Employment Law Advocacy


My employment law practice spans more than 38 years representing businesses and individuals in federal and state court litigation, agency proceedings, arbitrations, and human resources management.

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