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Labor and Employment Law Advocacy

Types of Employment Legal Services

> Human Resources Auditing
> Employment Policies and Handbooks
> Hiring and Firing
> Anti-Discrimination Compliance
> Sexual Harassment
> Disability Law Compliance
> Age Discrimination
> EEOC Cases
> Medical Leave and FMLA
> Civil Rights Litigation (State/Federal)
> Employment Law Litigation (State/Federal)
> Employment Agreements
> Severance Agreements
> Non-Compete, Non-Solicitation and Non-Disclosure
> Independent Contractor Agreements
> Employment Applications
> Drug and Alcohol Policies
> Wage and Hour Compliance (FLSA)
> Wage Payment Compliance
> Wrongful Discharge Claims
> Workers' Compensation Discrimination
> Unemployment Compensation Claims
> Investigation of Employment Complaints and Claims
> Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining
> NLRB (Labor) Litigation
> Labor and Employment Arbitration
> Reductions in Force
> Management Training

> Employee Training


​My employment law practice spans more than 38 years representing businesses and individuals in federal and state court litigation, agency proceedings, arbitrations and human resources management.

Representing both individual plaintiffs and many companies as defendants, I have litigated hundreds of employment cases, in federal and state courts, and represented numerous clients in employment agency proceedings before the EEOC, NLRB, OSHA, Wage and Hour Board and Unemployment Compensation processes.

Litigation cases have primarily been before the Eighth Circuit and Tenth Circuit Courts of Appeal, the federal courts in Kansas and Missouri and two cases denied certiorari at the United States Supreme Court.

In addition, I have litigated a number of cases in the state courts of Kansas and Missouri. The majority of my litigation practice has been in complex civil rights, employment discrimination and harassment cases.

In traditional labor law, I have represented businesses nationwide in over 350 labor arbitrations, negotiated collective bargaining agreements, defended unfair labor practice claims, provided ongoing contract interpretation advice, and represented companies in organizing campaigns and decertification petitions.

Industries include, airlines, transportation, mining, manufacturing, health care and technology.

My advocacy experience has overlapped with client needs in commercial contract drafting and enforcement, non-competition/non-disclosure agreements, regulated agency matters, mergers/acquisitions, land use, personal injury and tort claims.

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